You Know You’re a Fitness Addict When…

Physical activity and exercise are critical to weight loss success – but how do you know if you’re going to the extreme? Read on for ten humorous ways to tell if you might be addicted to fitness!

1.            You keep a bag full of sneakers and workout clothes in your car at all times – just in case.

2.            “$50 for jeans? No way!” … “$50 for yoga pants? What a steal – I’ll take two!”

3.            Your alarm clock is set to an excruciatingly early time of the day, specifically for a workout at the gym.

4.            You’ve started sleeping in your gym clothes – after all, that’s one less step in the morning!

5.            Bad day? A hard workout is the much-needed stress reliever.

6.            Great day? Can’t wait to celebrate with a hard workout!

7.            Your closet contains more workout clothes than anything else.

8.            Leg day is always Friday, so you don’t have to worry about the stairs at work the next two days.

9.            Your friends hate shoe shopping with you: when they want new heels, you just want new running sneakers.

10.          Your least favorite day is “Rest Day”.

Whether you’re a fitness addict or not, we commend you on your progression, dedication and success with TLS!