Studies Show Jogging May Increase Lifespan

A recent study shows that regularly jogging may extend your life 5.6 years, or up to 6.2 years for men.

Researchers concluded that jogging for one hour to two and a half hours per week over the course two to three sessions at a slow or average pace was optimal. However, those who pushed themselves too hard had a higher risk of dying than those who stayed in their target heart rate.

Of course, this is to be expected. The body can only take so much stress at a time. When pushing your endurance, it is very important not to push yourself, but not overexert yourself.  It will be much easier to consistently run for 30 minutes or more if you work your way there day by day.

Jogging tips:

Stretch for up to 5 minutes before you begin: This can greatly reduce cramping and back pain.

Wear supportive shoes: Jogging can be hard on the joints and arches. Wear shoes that will help absorb the shock. Especially if you are jogging on cement.

Drink a moderate amount of water before and after your jog. Even jogging at a moderate pace can cause you to perspire more than you may think. Especially in the hot summer months, make sure you don’t succumb to dehydration or heat stroke. Be warned, eating or drinking too much  before a hard run can cause serious cramps.