Growing Your Own Herb Garden

by Will Llamas and the TLS Team

The addition of fresh herbs to a meal is always a delectable treat. Whether used to add flavor, nutrition, or visual appeal, there is always a reason to include them. However, their high store price and short shelf life can empty your wallet pretty quickly. There is good news; there’s a way to have fresh herbs without it costing you and arm and a leg.

The answer is to grow your own kitchen herb garden. Here I’ll give you three valuable tips to making your herb garden flourish.

1)      Ditch the seeds

Planting seeds may be the cheapest option but waiting a few months to get any bounty is no fun. Garden stores carry starter plants year round that are both cheap and developed, so you will be enjoying fresh herbs in no time.

2)      Use one pot

Instead of a few smaller pots, using one big pot can maximize counter space. If you plant the starters in the same place, you only have to worry about and water one pot, saving room and simplifying your life.

3)      Trim don’t cut

Who knew, but your harvesting technique can have a big impact on your yield. It is important that you trim less than half of the stem to promote future growth. Any more could kill the plant and any less means you are sacrificing flavor and nutrients.

As you can see, fresh herbs are not hard to enjoy on a regular basics. Having a kitchen herb garden can freshen up our meals and keep money in your pocket.