Find Your Fit Challenge

You may have noticed that spiffy new banner on your Dashboard. The one with the Benjamins on it? TLS is proud to announce our Find Your Fit Challenge! Participants have the chance to compete as a Group of 5  OR as an Individual Challenger! Just in case your health wasn’t enough of an incentive, Groups can with a Grand prize of $10,000 while Individuals will be competing for a $2,500 1st place prize!

The Challenge is open to everybody and anybody who wants to get healthy. The purpose of the Find Your Fit Challenge isn’t just weight loss; it’s about getting healthy and staying that way. Weight loss is only one component of health, and we want to see everyone lose big or maintain their health for 12 weeks (if not forever)! If you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, increase your physical endurance, lower your cholesterol or blood sugar, maintain your health, improve the quality of your lifestyle or diet, or even support someone participating in the Challenge, come and Find Your Fit!

What you’ll need to register:

  • An active membership to
  • The drive to get and stay healthy

Additionally, Groups will need:

  • A team of 5 people who want to get and stay healthy (Sensing a trend here?)
  • Entry fee of $60/per person
  • Group Registration PDF: This downloadable PDF is available for download when you go to register as a Group Leader. This helps us identify your group members! Make sure you include your Group’s full entry fee ($300), the first and last names of your group members, their PC ID, e-mail, and phone number and send it in to us at!
  • A Group Leader: Group Leaders will be responsible for organizing their group and submitting the Group Registration Form full entry fee for their group before March 1st!

Interested in forming a Group?

Talk to your friends and family to see who you can get involved.Studies show people who participate in Groups for weight loss or fitness are 47% more successful than individuals. Having support and motivation from your peers and family members can often be the key to keeping you involved with your goals instead of throwing in the towel. Spouses make great teammates because they can help keep you on track with diet, exercise, and even emotional support.

Check out the Find Your Fit forum to find Group members or even get in touch with a Coach or Trainer in your area!

Got all that? Good. Click the Find Your Fit banner in your Dashboard to join now!