Excercises from the Heart

As some of you may know, February is American Heart Month! It’s no secret that it’s important to have a healthy heart, but what does exercising have to do with it? Maintaining an active lifestyle helps to maximize your heart health and there are many benefits from regular exercise.

These benefits include:
–     Strengthening your heart muscle
–     Improving your coronary blood flow, circulation, balance, muscle tone and heart failure symptoms
–     Reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol
–     Controlling your blood sugar levels
–     Helping to reduce body fat, stress, tension, anxiety, and depression

Even though we may not always be motivated to work out sometimes, trying to stick to my usual workout routine is essential to staying healthy.

So what kind of exerciseswill help you to have a healthy, happy heart?

Outdoor activities
–     Running (when running or walking, make sure to wear the right kind of shoes so you won’t hurt your feet)
–     Walking
–     Jogging
–     Bicycling (let’s not forget our helmets! I’ve heard of too many bicycle accidents that ended badly!)
–     Jump-roping
–     Swimming

Indoor activities
–     Treadmills
–     Stationary bicycles
–     Stair steppers
–     Ladder climbers
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