Boost Your Business with

By Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President

Building your business with TLS is now easier than ever with the launch of the new site! Since we are an Internet Marketing company, it’s important that you utilize the available online resources that are provided by The site can help you reach more prospects faster, which will potentially increase your sales and expand your customer base. By thoroughly exploring your URL, you will discover great support tools, educational videos and downloads, which you can use to elevate your professional status as a TLS Coach.

If you direct customers to the homepage, they will receive a fantastic introduction to TLS, making this a great a tool to use when introducing potential customers to TLS. They will learn about the four components of TLS with our vibrant banners, and will learn about the basics of TLS with the TLS Overview video. In addition, they will be invited to take a free TLS Weight Loss Profile, which supports our “one size does not fit all” philosophy when it comes to weight loss, as it creates a personalized weight loss plan based on the individual’s lifestyle and goals.

The site is also easy to navigate, for both customers and UnFranchise Owners, with main tabs for “About TLS”, “21-Day Challenge”, “Success Stories”, “Resources” and “Shopping”. Within the “About TLS” tab, menu items provide all the information you need to start your journey with TLS. This includes an explanation of what TLS is, how it works, what’ll you’ll eat on TLS, how to calculate your BMI and body fat, an overview of TLS weight loss supplements, how to become a coach and more! The “21-Day Challenge” tab supplies everything you need to know about taking the TLS 21-Day Challenge, including a step-by-step guide. Next, enjoy the many TLS testimonials in the ‘Success Stories” tab. The “Resources” tab offers educational videos, program downloads, measurement information, grocery lists with power foods for each TLS Plan, Online Parties, general FAQs, the TLS Blog, a Progress Tracker, and additional information on TLS Select, our clinically supervised program. Lastly, the “Shop” tab enables users to purchase any of our health and weight loss products.

Take advantage of this great site and set new business goals, like procuring 10 new TLS customers in 30 days by leveraging your new URL site to grow your business!

Here are some tips:

1) Create a list of 90 people you know, complete with email addresses and phone numbers. Include friends, alumni, neighbors and family members. Some of these people may not need to lose weight, but they all know someone who does.

2) Send an invite to view your new URL, and mention the TLS Overview video and the Weight Loss Profile. A simple email will suffice, such as, “Dear ______, I recently redesigned my TLS weight loss site at URL. TLS stands for Transitions Lifestyle System. I would really appreciate it if you watched the 3 minute TLS Overview video, and if you took the free Weight Loss Profile, both of which can be found on the homepage. Please explore the site, because your participation will help ensure that the site is functioning successfully. If you have any comments, please email me and share your suggestions. I will provide a 10% discount on any products for your assistance. Thank you in advance for your time. Respectfully _______”

3) Send out three of these invites each night for 30 days. Take note of the percentage of people who respond. If you have a response rate of 5-10 percent, that results in 5-9 responses from potential new TLS customers.