Healthy Snacks for a Scrumptious Picnic

It’s National Picnic Month, so we wanted to share our go-to picnic foods with you! Get your family and friends together for a delicious, nutritious picnic this summer!

Finger Food:
Hummus and veggies. Chop up some carrots, celery, cucumber and broccoli to dip into the hummus.
Whole grain rice crisps/ sweet potato crisps with low-fat cottage cheese.

Main Meal:
Wraps. For the filling use chicken breasts in a garlic lemon marinade or smoked salmon, if you prefer. Add lettuce, red onion, avocado, tomato and sprouts. Season to taste.

Cucumber & onion salad. Slice up an onion and a cucumber. Add white wine vinegar and season with salt and pepper.

Fruit bowl. Chop up some strawberries, watermelon and mango for a sweet treat.

Lemon & mint water. This refreshing thirst quencher is healthy and hydrating!

Don’t forget to bring cups, plates and some blankets!