Hitting a Natural High with Low-GI: 6 Benefits

1.     Stable Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

Low-GI foods have a minor effect on our blood sugar levels. This is vital to weight loss because blood sugar spikes create a surge in insulin production, which puts your body in fat-storage mode. Controlling your blood sugar reduces the demand for insulin and keeps your body in fat-burning mode.

2.     Weight Loss

Eating low-GI foods boosts the production of gastrointestinal hormones (that regulate the functioning of the digestive organs) and this results in appetite suppression[1]. Since you feel fuller for longer, you won’t be bingeing on crisps or chocolate to compensate for blood sugar slumps. Step away from the vending machine, for good!

3.     Disease Prevention

Consuming low-GI foods can help to decrease your risk for developing chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease andobesity[2].

4.     Beating the Blues

Feeling well is directly linked to eating healthily. In turn, your mood is related to serotonin concentrations.  In order to sustain a stable mood you need to maintain your blood sugar levels by eating low-GI food. Keeping this constant enables your body to initiate a steady growth in serotonin, which ensures a consistent mood.

5.     Increased Energy

Our bodies metabolize low-GI foods gradually, which leads to enhanced physical and mental endurance. It achieves this by delivering a sustained release of energy to the body, supporting it throughout the day to prevent a drop in blood sugar. Say goodbye to the ‘Midday Slump’!

6.     Freedom to Feast

You can eat carbohydrates! Complex carbs, that is. Leading a low-GI lifestyle focuses on the quality of the carb, because carbs have different nutritional values. So ditch the cookie and tuck into that delicious sweet potato casserole!

Keep Living the Low-GI Lifestyle!