Have you been taking your Pro-Biotics?


By: Dr. Deedra Mason

We have under estimated the importance of such a small step!

This is why Probiotics are part on my “Basic 5” for wellness.

What you should know: Healthy gut bugs improve physical AND mental wellbeing,

Did you know you have three pounds of bacteria in your gut? Or over 300 different species? They all have a job, and that is to keep you healthy.

You need to “weed & feed” your gut. It’s all about terrain: The “issue is the tissue”.

Probiotic bacteria have many more functions than digestion. They trigger immune system reactions throughout the body, including activating T-cells.

Why would you take a probiotic?

If you have had exposure to antibiotics, you may want to consider a probiotic supplement.

If you suffer from chronic colds or your immune system needs a boost. Even if the thing that gets you down is allergies.

If you are a breastfeeding mom, numerous studies support the benefits of supplementing baby’s milk or formula with probiotics to enhance their response to allergens, and reduce risk of eczema and even asthma.

Probiotics may treat or prevent ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and other gut inflammations that occur from a lack of sufficient probiotics.

Many food allergy patients, including celiac patients, benefit from adding probiotics.

Patients that eat poorly or have a diet of mostly low fiber, processed foods may have an “overgrowth” of pathogenic bacteria to overwhelm the good guys and diminish colon function.

Remember: your gut is a battlefield! Defend yourself today!