That’s not how this works…. That’s not how any of this works…

by Dr. Deedra Mason

Sometimes we put our best foot forward and still we do not get the results we hope to see.  Sometimes it doesn’t all go to plan, right? It may be hard to accept common myths we have heard through repetition are in fact just that- myths.  Wasn’t it easier to accept that eating less means less fat storage?  It’s just math right?  WRONG!  That is not how this works…. That is not how any of this works. Let’s set the record straight.  It is about getting enough fat, not low fat, and a measured amount of fruit in season- not unlimited, and low calorie means low energy.

Calm down.  It is still true in weight loss that you can cast a wide net and meet the large percentage of the needs of people.  The differences are minor, compared to the similarities.  Eat healthy…Get exercise….and make sure you are getting plenty of sleep.  Steady weight loss of 2.5 pounds per week leads to realistic goals and success.  However, just as common is seeing a weight loss plateau or seeing weight stabilize before we have met our goal? Change things up.

Quick Tips:

You are unique and the triggers to your weight loss and gain are based on you and…

YOUR response to your environment- both internal and external.
YOUR genes have something to do with you fitting into YOUR jeans!

YOUR response to the foods you eat and in what combination.

1) Just like we used to believe cardio was the solution to weight loss, we were wrong.   Now we know that “chug….chug…. chug…” on the treadmill is nowhere near as beneficial as timed sprints for short burst of high intensity work.  Follow those burst with a calculated amount of rest and you have a winning combination for fat loss.  Both plans work, however sprints change things up and accelerate your results.  Faster results produce increased feelings of reward and are followed by motivation.

2) Genetic “switches” can be flipped off as we age.  As a consequence we see an increase in waistlines and chronic disease risk factors that do not response to methods for healthy weight and energy like we did before the age of 30.  By the age of 45 this enzyme is far more sluggish and may have sent the message to your body there is “no hope”.   If you have suffered with weight challenges in youth, then this enzyme is not as functional potentially due to being over-fed and undernourished.  Antioxidants like trans-resveratrol, Chlorogenic Acid and certain botanicals can re-activate enzymes responsible for youthful vitality.

3) Stop thinking about the fat and calorie content of foods you eat. Start thinking about eating food in its natural state, ensuring its nutrient density by eating local, when possible.  More fat, protein and fiber will help you not just whittle your waist, but will help you sustain energy for your workouts (including sprints).

4) Exercise less, not more.  20 minutes of clear and focused movements will out do a mindless 40 minutes.  You can increase fat loss and improve longevity by focusing on functional movements and core efforts.  Functional training can be done either at home, or in a gym.  I recommend getting a qualified trainer to help you put a program together based on your conditioning goals.

5) Make sure you take stock in how you are feeling and how well you are sleeping.  Restorative sleep may be the most important step you are missing.  Amino acids like Tryptophan and minerals like magnesium can assist your body into better sleep and balance of neurotransmitters for better mood, energy and mental focus.

You might practice each step above, or only a choice few.   Your results will be in line with your commitment.  Small steps lead to big changes.  Start taking steps today toward better health and better fitness.