How to Tackle Weight Loss as a Couple

Newly married? Been married for years? Couples who live together tend to gain and lose weight together due to the shared environment. If you thought it was a strange coincidence, it isn’t! Makes sense, right? You eat your main meals together and people tend to eat more if they are eating with someone else rather than by themselves.  If you and your significant other are experiencing a weight problem, then tackle the problem together!

Losing weight as a couple

Due to biological differences, it tends to be easier for men to lose and keep weight off. Totally not fair, right? On a positive note, people who try to lose weight together (either with a partner or friend) tend to be more successful than those who go at it alone.  It also helps to know that some of the weight you lose is water and men have a higher concentration of water in their bodies—hence the reason they shed the pounds quicker! So, ladies, if your partner is a man, don’t get discouraged because you’ll see results too!

Quick tip

One thing to make a note of though…don’t set up a bad cop-bad cop situation where one of you polices about dieting and the other about exercising—this could cause problems between the two of you and we don’t want that! It works better if both of you are on the same page and have similar routines.  No matter what your reason may be to lose weight, help each other through the challenge of weight loss. It will be tough and you may want to bite your partners head off, but it will help to realize they are in this with you and only want you to succeed. Keep on encouraging each other!

Tell us: have you and your partner attempted to or successfully lost weight together?