Sign Up, Lose Weight and Win Big in the TLS® Find Your Fit 2014 Fall Challenge!

As we draw closer to International Convention, we’re introducing an incredible opportunity for you to get fit, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and seize the opportunity to win cash for your hard work! Read on for the exciting details! TLS® Find Your Fit 2014 Fall Challenge is open for registration! Now’s your chance to witness the proven methods of TLS Weight Loss Solution and win part of the $50,000.00 in cash and prizes!

Using the TLS program, Challenge participants can compete in two different categories, individual or pairs. The winners in each category will be those whom:

• Have achieved significant weight loss, decreased body measurements, and body fat reduction for the time period, shown through before and after photos.

• The most compelling personal testimonial questionnaire answers as to how the TLS Weight Loss Solution helped them achieve their goal and transformed their life.

Both UnFranchise® Owners and customers looking to get fit can compete. You may sign up any time during open enrollment — between August 1 and September 25 for only $30.00 — and complete the 12-week challenge before December 29 to qualify to win.

To participate in the Challenge, you will need an active TLS subscription for unlimited access to coaching, low-glycemic meal and snack ideas, as well as the FREE TLS mobile app to track your progress on-the-go! Business-building webinars, flyers and infographics offer additional free support for participants.

For official contest rules regarding the TLS® Find Your Fit 2014 Fall Challenge, visit our registration page HERE or contact us at