How to Trick Your Body into Exercising

Looking for exercise cheats that are fun, cheap or free, and don’t feel like real exercise? Here are a few (non)workout options to help you burn calories and tone up for swimsuit season that don’t even feel like actual workouts.

1.      Walk.Walking is something that most people seem to try to avoid all day. I’m not suggesting walking everywhere all the time, but for small trips to the market, visiting neighbors, and breaking up a monotonous evening at home in front of the TV—just take a walk. One hour of walking burns 350 calories in a person of 150 pounds.

2.      Take the stairs.Elevators are sure convenient, but any time you have a chance to take the stairs—even for a few flights—you get a premium glut and calf workout, as well as short bursts of cardio. Stair climbing is great for burning calories—a 150 pound person walking up stairs for just fifteen minutes burns over 130 calories.

3.      Dance. Next time you’re home alone with your thoughts, contemplating doing house work or yard work, turn up your tunes and choreograph a dance to go along with the vacuum, lawn mower or garden hose. Or instead of sitting through commercial breaks, have a 3-minute dance party in the living room. Your moves don’t have to look awesome or bring down the house, but dancing helps enhance your mood and leaves you energized. A 150 pound person can burn over 300 calories per hour dancing, so get down with your bad self and burn those calories.

4.      Play. Dust off the Frisbee, pump up the soccer ball, or just yell “tag” and take off running. Playing active games can be great for cardio and endurance, as well as a fun way to interact with your family and friends. Put down the electronic games and pick up your sneakers, a ball, and a bring-it-on attitude. Playing outdoor games at a moderate level burns 285 calories per hour for a person of 150 pounds.

What’s your favorite (non)workout option? Share with us in the comments below!