What to Look for When Buying Microwave Dinners

Always in a rush? For most, the answer is YES, which makes finding the time to prepare a healthy meal difficult. When you’re hungry and short on time, microwave dinners are a common go-to.

Choosing a microwave dinner that will support your healthy eating is not always easy. Below are my tips for what to look for when buying microwave dinners:

Protein — When comparing meals, choose the one with more protein. This will help keep you full for longer, and hopefully prevent mindless snacking come 10PM!

Fat — Look for meals with 5g of fat or less.

Carbohydrates — When evaluating your choices, choose the meal with the least amount of carbohydrates. This will help to prevent blood sugar spikes and keep your body in fat burning mode.

Thankfully, TLS Weight Loss Solution offers nutritionally balanced and portion controlled Entrées, a perfect choice when you’re short on time. These entrees are created with low-glycemic eating in mind — something many prepackaged meals on the market don’t consider. They are designed to keep your blood sugar stable, enabling your body to stay in fat burning mode and keep you full for longer.

TLS Entrees are a delicious and filling option when you’re in a rush and want to keep your waistline trim.
Check out how TLS Entrées stack up to other products on the market: