TLS Tuesday- Matthew Purtlebaugh

Age may only be a number, but for many it remains a constant reminder of what one can and cannot do. Age isn’t an accurate measure of health or well-being, but its mere stigma can sometimes bring them down and make them accept a fate they don’t necessarily need to.

Matthew Purtlebaugh was once one of those people. For years, he accepted as truth the little voice in the back of his head telling him, “You’re in your forties, accept your body for what it is.”

Then Matthew was introduced to TLS Weight Loss Solution. All of a sudden, that little voice wasn’t as loud as it had been.

“My first thought was, ‘This isn’t going to be any different than other weight loss programs,” Matthew recalled.  “However, I started to take interest in the fact that I needed a life change, and the promise by TLS to help me.”

The first week of his TLS program – the dreaded Detox Stage – proved a difficult task.  Come to find out, Matthew said, the older you get, the harder you have to work to enhance your body.

“The transition was hard. I admit having doubts about what was happening to my body,” he said.  “I felt weak and experienced headaches; however, these were just symptoms of my body expelling the terrible things I had been placing in it. [But] I vowed to continue. I felt better and better, physically and emotionally.”

Matthew loved the changes he saw, and continued to make big strides towards his goal. Incorporating TLS menu plans, approved exercise programs, and TLS supplements including CORE and ACTS, Matthew became “shocked” by the amount of weight he was losing.

“I didn’t think TLS would work, but now, I’m a believer. It has changed my life,” Matthew said. “I am a healthier me, and I am proud to be a TLS success story.”

You can be defined by many things, just make it something you’re proud of.  Matthew’s journey to success offers proof that age doesn’t get the final say on your health.  Remember: it’s not about being over the hill—it’s about getting over the hump!