Is Your Motivation Going to Marbles?

By Kerri Whately and the TLS Team

If any of you are like me starting the workout and weight loss process isn’t the hard part, the hard part comes two or three weeks in. I was browsing on Pinterest the other day when I saw a picture that caught my eye. The title of the “Pin” was the motivation marbles, whoever came up with this idea is a stroke of genius, you figure up how many pounds you would like to loose and place them in a jar, as you begin to lose the weight you take a marble out per pound lost and place it in the “pounds lost” jar.

I decided to join the bandwagon and make my own jars. It was really simple I had 2 old mason jars lying around the house and spruced them up I chose to sit them in my bathroom so that every time I went to weigh myself I could pop one of those marbles on over. In addition to the regular marbles there are 5 “jewels” since I decided to go by 5 to make that mornings marble move that much more exciting. I have also decided to place a larger jewel in the middle of the pounds to go jar to represent my total weight loss goal. I love the fact that you can personalize the jars and marbles to match your personality and your weight loss goal.

The jars have helped keep me on track with not only my weight loss but my workout schedule and eating habits as well. Seeing that pink jewel at the bottom of that pound to go jar makes me more excited each day when I head out for my morning run. This is by far the best way I have found to stay motivated and keep tract of everything I have ever done.

Hope it helps!