How to Keep Your Trips to the Farmer’s Market Healthy

by Hannah Callaway and the TLS Team

The coming of summer means many things. For some, summer means no school. For others, summer means lazy days at the pool. Cookouts, sunscreen, and vacation also come to mind. For me, summer means visiting the farmers market.

Farmers markets offer fresh, local food options that both promote and sustain healthy living. In a word, they’re awesome. Chances arethere’s one near you. The Piedmont Triad Farmers Market is a mere 3.7 miles away from our corporate office… that’s close enough to visit on my lunch break!

Here are a few tips for your next visit to the farmers market:

1. Stock Up On Vegetables
The farmers market offers incredibly fresh veggies for a fraction of the cost of the supermarket! I regularly purchase celery, green onions, tomatoes, onion, zucchini, and squash on my weekly trips. What’s the best deal I’ve scored? Avocados. I use them in many recipes all summer long and they are very affordable when purchased at a farmers market.

2. Talk To The Farmers
Don’t browse the stalls quietly! Talk to the farmers who are there and ask about where your purchase is coming from. Sometimes they’ll be able to give you good tips about when to expect new shipments.

3. Avoid Freshly Baked Goodies
Farmers markets are full of delicious sweet treats, baked fresh by very friendly ladies and gents. Though you may be tempted to stop by to chat with the chef, browse the brownies, and purchase a cupcake (or two or three)… steer clear! These foods are sugary, fatty, and an overall nemesis for healthy living. Stick with a small sample of fudge if you must.

4. Bring Cash
Though many Farmers Markets now accept debit and credit transactions (for a minimum purchase), it is best to bring cash with you to the market. If you forget, most farmers markets have an ATM lurking somewhere on the premises.

Enjoy your visits to the farmers market this summer and remember that most are actually open year-round! You’ll find very different products on display during other seasons. Are any of you fans of the local foods movement?
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